Single: Kaylee Still – Paper Chaser

What a beautiful indie-pop with such a great beat and very emotional lyrics. The best part was when I told Kaylee that I will share her new single. She was so happy and that makes me even more happier. If sharing music is not about making people (especially musicians) happy, I do not know why to do it anymore. So go, smash that play button and enjoy this amazing single.

Kaylee Marie Still is an independent singer-songwriter/music producer from Portland, Oregon.

Also if you have time read more about this track:

This is Kaylee Still’s first “fully” self-produced single! She has been producing music alongside two separate music producers for 4 years, until her producers began treating her somewhat negatively and making it more about the money than the music. So, in recent times, Kaylee has worked diligently in her studio, and has bubbled to the surface as a self-proclaimed independent dream-pop/non-genre producer. She says:

“‘Paper Chaser’ is an homage to one of my former producers, who had begun very obviously excluding me musically after he had begun bragging to me about getting a record deal of his own. To which I truly know nothing about to this day. As you can hear in the lyrics of my song, I am genuinely actually very happy for him and still wish him all the success in the world. However, in my mind and in my heart, music is always the most important element. Money will follow if the music is good, but I don’t feel that dropping friends for money is ever a good idea.” It’s a song that rings out themes of resilience, acceptance and tender-loving emotion.”

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