Single: Jade Rubin – Over & Over

Back in March, Jade Rubina released her debut single, ‘Over & Over’. It is a lush, whimsical music theatre inspired number. Inspired by the artists’ creative blocks, the track is a tumbling sigh of watery beats, warm pads, and of course Rubina’s bright vocals. Given Rubina’s educational background in theatre, you may expect ‘Over & Over’ to be heavy with bells and whistles, everything thrown at it; however, this is not the case, the song being mostly minimalistic. It bears a certain resemblance to Japanese Breakfast’s 2021 song, ‘Paprika’; with a brightness that envelopes the listener.

I look forward to what Jade Rubina does next. ‘Over & Over’ is a promising start to an assuredly rewarding musical career. Make sure to keep an eye out for more offerings from Rubina in the near future!

Written by Callum Folds