Lando Flakes, an indie artist from Toronto, Canada, released his most recent EP Life In Hibernation May 10, 2024 as a reflection on existing in a stagnant relationship, considering the situation a form of hibernation. The first track “Nothing to Do with You” opens the EP with the lyrics, “Unless you’re falling apart / Unless your head’s on my block / I don’t want nothing to do with you,” a somewhat scathing lamentation of an unreciprocated or failing love.

Though the tempo picks up with the second track “Taking My Life,” the lyrics remain heavy, contemplating the emotional intensity of  hanging onto love in a dying relationship. These lyrics, supported by seemingly more upbeat, light-hearted guitar and bells match the song’s theme of hiding hard feelings in a dreamy facade. In the following track, fittingly titled “Just a Feeling,” Flakes continues with this theme of pretending things are fine while a relationship sinks, singing “It’s just a stupid feeling I don’t care / Smile through my bleeding heart / Sew it up with a couple friends.”

The EP closes with the lyrics, “What a lovely life for us,” followed by an abrupt snap, as if calling you to snap out of the dream you’ve followed and held onto throughout Life In Hibernation. To accept and face the situation for what it is. In five incredibly heartfelt and thoughtful tracks, Lando Flakes beautifully tackles a heartache all too relatable for most listeners. Be sure to check out his website, Youtube, and Bandcamp, and follow him on Instagram @ lando__flakes, Twitter @ lando-flakes, and TikTok @ lando_flakes_music to stay up to date on future releases.

Written by Kaitlyn Boykin