Single: Haley Heath – White Chalk

All of Haley Heath’s songs were written in the dark. The night is ever present in the singer-songwriter’s fragile folk songs, with dark-hued memories of the South lifted on velvet vocals, gentle melodies, and subtle latin flourishes. Recorded by candlelight in a living room near the North Carolina Port and in a studio in the Wilmington National Cemetery, Heath’s recordings capture the nocturnal intimacy present within her lyrics.

“White Chalk” is an honest and deliberate reflection of the unraveling of childhood memories, nostalgia and vulnerability. The song was recorded in a cemetery, which might add to its dark, indie, noir mood.”

I have been sharing a lot of upbeat cheerful songs past weeks, so this one is creating a really nice balance on my blog. Also, the fact it was recorded in a cemetery feels quite unique. I am enjoying the dark, melancholic atmosphere of the song and I can close my eyes and let myself be taken away by the flow of the song. Somehow all this makes everything more beautiful about the song. A really powerful emotional experience. Try it for yourself.

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