Single: VULPIX – I Am Just a Shell

“VULPIX is a coastal drive. A midnight bike ride. The low hanging fog in the valley. A sonic landscape. A fuzzy quilt that blankets you in a warm glow. A cassette tape. The endless hiss.”

“This song is a road trip track about escaping and running away from relationships and responsibilities thinking it would be healing… but it ain’t.

This song is from all the moments in my life where I thought I wanted something but turns out I wanted the idea of something more than the actual thing. And finding that out left me feeling, cold, lonely and just a shell.”

VULPIX is a one-man dream-pop project from the Victorian Surf Coast, AUS. This new single has been released on the US label Spirit Goth Records, which will be releasing VULPIX’ newest album in June. Once again another dreamy indie pop I am really enjoying. The vibe of the song is so nice and it slowly reminds me that the summer is closer and that the urge to see the ocean is more present. Thankfully we are planning a trip to the Atlantic coast in Portugal so I will feel that moist breeze coming from the ocean. I will try to listen to this song while being there, it will be a nice soundtrack.

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