Single: Guave – Walk in the Park (feat. Laura)

Guave, Vienna-based artist Marten Kaffke, already known from other projects like KIDS N CATS or tauchen and Cousines like shit’s very own Laura Breitfuss teamed up to create the song „Walk in the Park“. The result of this collaboration is the perfect companion for a stroll through autumnal landscapes. The combination of colorful vocal harmonies and quirky bedroom pop instrumental perfectly captures the melancholy of the season where one can still feel the lightness of summer, but the darker tone of the upcoming winter is already in the air.

As soon as I see a submission from Austria, Poland, or Czechia in my inbox, I can’t help but feel a sense of excitement. There’s something about discovering new music that’s made close to home that’s truly special. It’s a welcome change from the usual US or British music scene that often dominates the airwaves. Recently, I came across a dreamy lo-fi rock track from Vienna that captured my attention. The simplicity of the stripped-down melody was so captivating that I found myself falling in love with it. It’s a beautiful debut single that has me eagerly anticipating more from this talented artist.

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