Album: phoneswithchords & Ben Sooy – phoneswithBen

‘If time is a fast car then who cut the breaks’

phoneswithBen is a joint effort between Tennessee artist phoneswithchords and A Place for Owls’ Ben Sooy. Right from the opening clip of a phone conversation at the beginning of the opening track, a palpable sense of intimacy colours every inch. The sheer humanness of this record is almost painfully beautiful – specifically within delicate lyrics that ruminate on loneliness, ageing, the repetitive nature of existence, and the joy that can ultimately be found in all the above.

This is an album that will surely nestle its way into the hearts of many listeners, particularly those of us searching for connection in a cold and surreal world.

From the artists – ‘This album was made during the Summer of 2023 by phoneswithchords & Ben Sooy by sending instrumental voice memos and lyric ideas back and forth over the internet. This album was not planned…it just happened. Overthinking was not allowed. Friendship was cultivated. Joy was found.’

We are lucky enough to have released this beautiful body of music digitally and on cassette. You can pick it up on our Bandcamp.

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