Single: Elizabeth Hume – Somewhere in Arizona

“Somewhere in Arizona by Elizabeth Hume is a reflection of experiencing a panic attack and dissociation from reality in the middle of the desert. The song, like this experience, is packed with raw emotion that delivers an existential feeling. After this experience, Hume retreated to her basement and this song poured out. With thoughtful production by Nolan Garrett, Somewhere in Arizona took shape into the dreamy out-of-body song that draws you in.”

I have recently shared Elizbaeth’s single and I really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to hearing more music from her and am not disappointed. She is making music that is soothing to my ears. I can close my eyes and just let myself fill with her beautiful voice and instruments. The song is full of emotions and you can feel it. I will give it more re-listening time and just enjoy it. What a beautiful track this is… Right?

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