Singles: Cuties – Dizzy / You’re Tragic

I received an email with these two songs and I liked them so I wrote to the band to write me a little bit more about them and I was surprised and I received this:

We’re a group of best friends from London who are all recovering emos. We were all in bands when we were in our late teens and early 20s but careers got in the way and everyone slightly gave up on that dream. But a few enthusiastic 2am party conversations made us decide to give it a go, initially as a purely Blink 182 cover band. Within a couple sessions we realised that maybe it wasn’t a joke and we should give it a shot with original music. We play music at the exact intersection of 80s bands like The Cure, 90s pop and shoegaze, pop punk and emo. At its heart we don’t take ourselves too seriously and try to bring humour to all our gigs and general social media presence. Songs like You’re Tragic feel like sun-drenched nostalgia on the surface, but beneath is a melancholic fuck you to a terrible relationship. Dizzy is the other side of a breakup; the crippling heartache version, played through the medium of haunting dueling guitars.

We want Cuties music to sound like a summer you weren’t part of but wish you were. We also want it to be an audio catharsis for people who have gone through similarly bleak situations. Smiles and tears in equal measure.

I am so happy they wrote me this little bio because it makes more sense now when listening to these songs. Context is sometimes very important and can make you enjoy the songs more. It worked for me in this case and I am enjoying this new old sound. I am loving the energy these two songs are bringing and also a lot of nostalgia for me. I can feel like a teenager once again and listen to pop-punk music. Both these singles are great and you should check them out.

You can start following the band on Spotify.