Single: Elizabeth Hume – Breathing

I have shared previously Elizabeth’s single Bee Sting on my blog and I am happy to introduce you to a new one. Here is a little bit about this one and the upcoming EP from which this single comes:

Elizabeth’s song “Breathing” is the first single on her EP consisting of five songs. Elizabeth collaborated with Producer Nolan Garrett in the recording process as they brought this project to life. Written and recorded in her gap year after high school, the content of this EP centers around inspecting and reflecting on aspects of mental health, relationships, and figuring out where personal identity fits into it all. “Breathing” is an expression of feeling content in love. Wanting to know everything about the person that brings you this sense of joy. There is nothing like listening to the breathing of a loved one and witnessing them live with beauty and adoration. 

I am really enjoying the slow beginning and end of the song, it creates a nice balance with the catchier middle part of the song. The song has such a gentle yet energetic melody and I am really enjoying it. What a nice catchy indie pop track, it feels like a folkier version of Phoebe Bridges. I am looking forward to the whole EP, which should be interesting based on this first single. You can start following this artist on Spotify.

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