Single: Mox – 4lilmonkeys

4lilmonkeys is the tale of 4 troublesome, whiny little monkeys that exist within the care and imagination of Mox’s brain. they live in constant fear of being beaten, baked and eaten. or maybe Mox is one of the monkeys and it’s an allegory for her experiences growing up? help i’ve gone bananas. what i do know, is this song is candy for little monkeys who grew up with the playful experimentation of Alex G, and for monkeys who love frustrated lyrics spat out through a clenched jaw. oo oo aa aa haha

Is too much of Alex G’s influence too much? Are there any limits at all? Does anyone care?

Another track from Mox after their last single Trust, which I already shared. Once again the guitars are perfect and I am enjoying them very much as well as the opening which got me. What a catchy melody this track has and I have fully dived it. Excited to hear more tracks from Mox in the future.

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