Single: Mox – Trust

I need help from you. What kind of genre would you describe the music that Alex G is making? I would love to hear your ideas, so please let me know on our Instagram.

“Trust is a sad ballad-like qualm, a beg for safety. It evokes a diy at-home recording process (with different sounds peaking in the mix subtly here and there) but also sounds super clean and well produced. Mox (she/they) is a 19 yr old prodigy who channels Elliot Smith, Alex G, and Built to Spill w/o sounding derivative.”

I can hear the Alex G vibes (the reason for the intro) and I am getting into this track very much. The guitar parts are really getting me (you know it is my most important aspect of the song) and even the rest of the song was delightful. Lo-fi rock (I guess my new favorite genre) is something I cannot get enough of these weeks and I am glad I can add another artist to my collection. Highly recommended.

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