Video: Greg Mendez – Maria

I have shared the previous single Goodbye / Trouble and shared their full press release. Go read it, it is just great. Also, a premiere of this single is worth checking out. This new single is once a great indie rock track and I am starting to get obsessed with it even more than the first single. I have a strong feeling this new album will be my top release of 2023. Philly has once again created a musical genius and I am so so happy I can listen to it right now. I hope Greg will get the recognition he rightfully deserves. I will be patiently waiting for May 5, when the album will be out and the world would be able to hear this beauty. I have such inner excitement I am really struggling to put it in the words. I am just super happy.

‘Come back to me because it’s easy
Come back to me, I’ll make you happy
Come back to me and I will make it easy
Come back to me because I’m wrong’

You can get cassettes/vinyl from Forged Artifacts or Devil Town Tapes.