Single: Connor McCann – Botanic Avenue

Connor McCann and The Heroine Choir have only just come into being as a musical entity but seem determined to provide a robust new entry into the Belfast music scene in which their transatlantic members have coalesced. They describe their music as Alt Folk but on latest single Botanic Avenue this is folk in its loosest sense. Theirs seems to be a music centred on shifting dynamics- surging and settling between acoustic, folky subtleties, and thundering, electric bombast. Connor McCann’s voice is a powerful, emotive instrument in itself, and in those energetic explosions it allows the music to enter what you might even call the anthemic. The lyrics offer repeated refrains and wistful phrases that allow McCann’s voice to take flight. This is someone worth keeping an eye and an ear on in the coming months. Alt folk? Perhaps… but what is genre anyway? Congrats to all involved.

Written by M.A Welsh