Filip’s Quick Single Picks: St. Anthony Mann, Lunar Isles, OK Cool, Special Hug, Britney Tears, Халан, iver principe, ivy z

St. Anthony Mann – Wye

Let’s start another recommendation for singles with this gentle song driven by acoustic guitar. “There’s a mysterious melancholy that Bjoraker invokes in his songs, with his raw and captivating voice, drawing the listener into something deeper than a surface-level engagement – as if there’s more here than meets the ear. And the more one listens – the more intently one listens – the more this truth is realized.” A beautiful indie folk track that creates an atmosphere that can definitely take you somewhere to fairyland. Just give it a try and you might get lost music(wonder)land… You can find more music on Spotify.

Lunar Isles – The Shore

An artist that is regularly picked for our single’s recommendation post. Just look here. “‘The Shore’ is a melancholic and dreamy slice of bedroom-pop reflecting on the urge to step outside of our comfort zone and begin something new. The track is the final single from the upcoming third album ‘Right Way Round’ and features ethereal vocals, hazy guitars and a driving bassline with a cinematic style.” I can just agree with this short description. “Lunar Isles is the moniker of David Skimming, a Scottish multi-instrumentalist who produces surf-tinged dream pop songs with a DIY approach from his newfound home of South Korea.” I am not sure if you can hear there some South-Korean vibes, but I can feel some summery atmosphere and it goes well with the sun shining through the window in my office and making me feel warm. Like this sound. You can find more music on Bandcamp.

OK Cool – nissanweekends

“If you long for a charming union of noodly math rock and queer-themed shoegaze, look no further than emo duo OK Cool, aka Bridget Stiebris and Haley Blomquist” I heard some other singles from this band and to be honest I did not connect with them as much as with this one. I really enjoy the energy coming from this track and the shoegaze vibes are catching me very much. When the guitars hit, I can feel them getting under my skin and I love that feeling. A really nice addition to my Friday vibes of freedom. You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Special Hug – Luna Moth

Members of this band are friends of another Philly band Bleary Eyed, which I have featured recently. Somehow whenever I see a Philly-based band, I always pay extra attention. Especially when it is a newly formed band. “Luna Moth” is the first single by Special Hug, an Asian-American indie rock dreampop duo from Philadelphia, PA. Faith Pak’s warm vocals nestle within John Quimbo’s heavy drums and dreamy guitar tracks, inspired by the shoegaze and punk flavors of the city. The lyrics explore themes of the ephemerality of life and an aching reluctance to let go.” Another shoegaze sound, which is somehow getting very popular with me these past weeks. I have no reasonable explanation than the fact I need more noise in my life to escape from the reality. Or maybe I am just digging shoegaze guitars too much, who knows? You can follow the band on Spotify.

Britney Tears – I Hope You’re Well

This song was part of the Spring 2022 compilation on Z Tapes and I am enjoying it still so much that I had to recommend it here as well. It has such a great kick, which always pumps me up. At the end of the work week, it feels like the right music you need to listen to. Also, I always loved the name of this music project, what funny wordplay. You can follow the band on Spotify.

Халан – Ніколи

Finally sharing a local artist. Sort of. Халан is from Ukraine, but currently lives in Bratislava, Slovakia and I have found him through submission via Instagram DMs. So happy to share something that is being made in my city. A little bit heavier, post-punk atmosphere, but still worth checking out. I am really enjoying the lo-fi vibe of the song. Definitely, a really great track for a debut single. You can start following the artist on Spotify.

iver principe – lo q quieres

Sharing another artist that is pretty familiar to me and I shared his music a few times. I love how he is sticking to his Latin American roots and I can feel some great Latin lo-fi bedroom vibes. This single is just released on Youtube, but I am enjoying it very much. Such a great dance, indie, lo-fi pop track that can get you in the right mood. Especially when Friday is almost over and you need an extra injection of energy to fully enjoy the rest of the day. You can find more music on Spotify.

ivy z – song about leaving

Lastly sharing a track from my friend Lenka. A song she has recently recorded and is another beautiful bedroom lo-fi weird dream pop ballad. Her music will always be so magical for me and this new song is no exception. Just give it a try and check out more music on Bandcamp. I promise you will fall in love with her music.

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