Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Scott William Urquhart x Constant Follower, OK Cool, Paradise Blossom, Zack Keim, Bathe Alone, Lentamente

Scott William Urquhart x Constant Follower – Wildlife Cameraman (Summer Farm) [feat. Norman MacCaig]

Sharing more great Scottish artists making beautiful neo-folk music. This song caught me because of “the voice of the grand old man of Scottish poetry, Norman MacCaig“. I have not really listened to songs where spoken word – poetry was working as well as in this one. It is just a beautiful piece of music. I can listen to it over and over and let myself fly away to green Scottish lands. You can find more music on Spotify or Spotify.

OK Cool – soaked in

I have shared a single from OK Cool before and I liked it pretty much. This new one is great as well, full of energy and it is also coming from the upcoming album I am looking forward to listening to. This kind of music is pumping me up and it feels so good to have some more energy on Friday after I spent a whole week lying in the bed being sick. We need more music like this one. You can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Paradise Blossom – forever, with you

“It’s a love letter to our younger selves. We made this song literally about how we hope our younger selves are proud of the people we are today and they deserved to have a song dedicated to them for paving the way for us to do what we love.” I have been loving this dreamgaze, my favorite genre to describe the combination of shoegaze and dream pop. This song is exactly the kind of sound I am enjoying more than others these months. There are many bands I shared with similar sounds, but I have still room for new ones. Do you? You can find more music on Spotify.

Zack Keim – Better Days

“Pittsburgh-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Zack Keim shares a brand new standalone single entitled “Better Days.” The track, which comes alongside a gorgeous accompanying music video, a wistful gem that wrests melodic bliss out of pangs of nostalgia. 26-year-old Keim co-wrote the tune with indie singer-songwriter Matt Costa I have shared a couple of Zack’s singles before and I am liking this new one as well. Song has really nice energy and reminds me a little bit of Beach Boys or other old garage rock bands. Another great to bring you good Friday energy. You can find more music on Spotify.

Bathe Alone – Awfully Quiet

“Bathe Alone is the Dream Pop one-woman solo project of multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Bailey Crone based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Bailey plays everything on the project from drums, guitar, bass, to vocals and aims to create songs you can “lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling to” I have shared Bailey’s songs before and I am enjoying this one as well. It is poppier than the previous ones, but I am still enjoying it equally. The dreamy aspect of the song makes it still more special and I can still lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling. You can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.

Lentamente – Espionaje

The last recommendation is from my friend Ario from Costa Rica. He has been making music for such a long time and this new song is once again my favorite dreamgaze which has closer to shoegaze. We started together Z Tapes Latinoamérica and we became good friends. Ario is a great person and sort of aficionado in the Latin American music scene. I recommend you check out his full discography. You can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.