Video: Swiss Portrait – Before

“Before Is the first track of Swiss Portraits 2023 EP “The Crippling Pain of Happiness”. That’s an exclusive first to know the name of the new EP. This song like the others on the Ep lyrically looks at the feelings of stress and anxiety Michael is going through in his life right now and his incapability to process why it is happening and how to change it.

Swiss Portraits DIY – Dreampop foundations were built by Scottish born multi – instrumentalist Michael Kay Terence. Now Living in the southside of Glasgow Michael keeps a DIY approach, recording, playing, mixing and producing everything himself. Since Swiss Portraits’ birth from lock down solitude, they have released two Eps on Cassette the first “Familiar Patterns” that sold out the limited-edition Cassette on the day of release, via the label Z Tapes and last years “Safe House” released on Label Spirit Goth as a Limited-Edition Cassette.”

Where to start? Reading the lines above, hearing this song, remembering when I first heard Michael’s songs, when we talked, when we worked together – everything brings me so much joy. Swiss Portrait is one big reason why I am still loving music and why I loved doing Z Tapes. His music has been on repeat so many times I lost count. I have listened to this new single today (Wednesday) at least 15 times and I cannot get enough of it. I am loving it so so so much. Just try it and try not to get hooked.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.