EP: Livers – Soon

“My EP Soon is two songs I recorded in my room about envy and ambitions/success. I’ve been trying to make a career out of my music for a while now, and these songs are kind of about some feelings I sometimes have surrounding that. The first track “Lie” is about envy and my anxieties that tend to compare myself to my peers and other artists that I idolize. The second and more upbeat track “Soon” is a song reminding me to keep at it and that my work will pay off one day.

The songs are laced with bright synthesizers, dream-like guitars, and groovy drum machines, inspired by bands like Tame Impala and Glitter Party.”

Danny Webster aka Livers is an indie artist from Guelph, Canada. His new two-song EP is really nice indie pop/folk with beautiful melodies and vocals. I have listened to it a couple of times and I am enjoying it more and more with every re-listen. Just give it a try and start the first track.

A little bit of confession. I have to admit that the number of submissions I am getting is increasing every week and I am glad I am using Submithub to track it because emails are so hard to keep up with. I know some musicians hate SH, but for a blogger, I could not imagine a better tool to track all submissions and stay on top of things. It makes me enjoy doing my blog and not feeling buried in the enormous amounts of music being released these days.

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.