Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Morgan Harper-Jones, Matthew Elton Smith, Surtsey, Reuben Hudson, Witches Exist, Pink Milk

Morgan Harper-Jones – Swimming Upstream

Morgan about the new single: “Swimming Upstream is mostly fictional. It came from an injury I had last year which took about 10 months to fully heal. I was so pissed off that I was missing going out dancing or hiking or on holidays with friends. And I met someone who had a terrible injury when they were younger, but it led them down a particular path in their life and they said how if it hadn’t happened they’d be totally different. I become a bit obsessed with reading about people who had suffered but were ultimately grateful for their suffering because of where it led them when they let go of fighting it.” A powerful story for powerful music. I am really enjoying this indie ballad. You can find more music on Spotify.

Matthew Elton Smith – Responsibility

“Responsibility is about growing old and not wanting to.” This slow melancholic indie pop, dream pop is creating a beautiful atmosphere. There is nothing extra special about this song, but somehow I have been enjoying it very much. Something to switch off a little bit after a hard week at work and all the thoughts floating around in my mind. You can start following the artist on Spotify.

Surtsey – Lyrics & Birthdays

indie americana math folk fusion band from Missouri, USA.” I found this description very fun, yet it is very accurate because you can find in this song so many different layers and sounds. I like how colorful the music palette is created. I also enjoyed the switches in the pace of the song and the upbeat or slower melody. A really enjoyable track worth checking out. You can support the band on Bandcamp.

Reuben Hudson – Cloudhead

“Songwriter, musician, producer and composer from Auckland, New Zealand.” Another single I sharing from this artist is a little bit different than the previous one. It is definitely more mellow, and melancholic, but the vocals are getting me once again and I enjoyed the instruments in this one. Somehow all these songs are fitting well for my today’s mood. Especially the contrast between the slower and stronger parts of the songs. You can find more music on Spotify,

Witches Exist – Double Homicide

A little bit of a switch to lo-fi indie rock accompanied by a video that fits the vibe of the song as well. I really enjoyed the guitars in this song, really interesting sound. I like it is changing throughout the whole song. Also, the slacker vocals are making the song even more interesting. Worth checking out from the beginning to the end. You can find more music on Spotify.

Pink Milk – River of Glass

“Hailing from Sweden, Pink Milk is a dark wave/post-punk band drenched in reverb, making occult music inspired by the 80s.” Another darker, dreamier song to wrap up my recommendations. It reminds me a little bit of Twin Peaks vibes and bands I used to listen to a lot like The Raveonettes. This is definitely a slower melody, but it is a nice way to end this Friday lost in dreams. You can find more music on Spotify.