EP: Subsonic Eye – Melt the Wax

“On Subsonic Eye’s Melt the Wax, the Singaporean five-piece present a concise collection of their richly layered, quick-paced indie-pop. Over three songs which explore singer Nur Wahidah’s upbringing, Melt the Wax boasts Subsonic Eye’s penchant for snappy, invigorating pop-rock songs jangling with clarity and entrancing tone. The EP marks the group’s first release in over a year, and serves as a brief resting point before a forthcoming full-length album.”

I have to admit I have been behind on the music that Topshelf Records are putting out. I was mainly overwhelmed with the blog and label’s submissions, so there was no room to check everything, but I am enjoying what Topshelf Records are putting out. Lastly, it was a new album by Sobs. I am also digging this new EP by Subsonic Eye, which I have shared before and had on the radar for a while. I have been following the Singaporean music scene for a while and it is bringing us a lot of gems. I like their catchy indie grooves. A little bit of freshness on the indie scene. If you have time go and check out local Singaporean label Middle Class Cigars. You will be surprised by how great the music is.

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