Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Adventureland, Riddle M, Michael B Thomas, Sunspire, Joey data

Adventureland – Southern Girls

“Southern Girls” is a lush, folk-rock anthem that careens and twirls through a fever dream of queer joy and yearning.” I really enjoy folk vibes in indie tracks, it always brings somehow joy and I am enjoying tracks even more. I like the atmosphere this song creates. Definitely, you can check out more music on Bandcamp,

Riddle M – Honeydew

To be honest, I am not sure why I like this song, but I do, Sometimes I like music, but when someone would ask me why I cannot put it into words. We often need to have everything figured out, but music can be about feelings. I have more feelings than thoughts about music. I think you might enjoy this slow-paced melancholic indie. You can find more music on Spotify.

Michael B Thomas – August

It’s a chill Saturday morning and I am writing this feature somehow this song feels like it always belonged for this morning. I have more feelings this morning, maybe because I had a tough week and I need to relax and just enjoy music. I am so into the instruments, and melody of this song, So enjoyable. Especially the guitar bits are getting me very much. You can follow this British artist on Bandcamp.

Sunspire – Sunlight

This is just a small sneak peek into the new Sunspire’s album which will be out on a label worth following – Crafting Room Recordings. Some labels are always guaranteeing that their release is worth checking out. It is the same case with CRR. I am very excited about this new Sunspire album as the first singles are super nice. This latest is so fresh, catchy, vibey. You can support the band and the label on Bandcamp.

Joey data – Iced Tea

I have no idea why, but my brain is not working this morning so finding the right words is so hard. I have written this before, but I am a sucker for guitars and this song has really amazing guitars. Have been enjoying them very much, also the dreamy atmosphere in the song is feeling great. You can find more music on Spotify.

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