Single: Michael B Thomas – Berlin

“Berlin tracks the thoughts running through someone’s head as they embark on their first holiday abroad. It’s about wanting to see and do as much as possible with the limited time we’ve got. The idea for the song sort of came about during the initial weeks of lockdown when there was so much uncertainty around life, and the fact we couldn’t go anywhere. It also came with the realisation that I personally had only just gone away on my first ever trip abroad at the age of 24, a few months prior.”

Michael B Thomas is the solo project of Leeds based musician Thomas Barr. With influences ranging from Elliot Smith, Alex G and Nick Drake to Wilco and The Velvet Underground, Michael B Thomas’ pristine lo-fi folk arrangements and colourful lyricism are born from his time as lead songwriter and vocalist in now-defunct Leeds favourites Party Hardly and his more recent work as EADES’ live keys player.”

A little bit of sharing from the press release to introduce the song and the artist. I have shared the previous single and I enjoyed it pretty much. This new one is even better and I am really enjoying the surrealistic cover art (I am quite a fan of surrealism in art). I have been also enjoying the dreaminess of the track created by laid-back vocals and the instruments. I am especially enjoying the guitars and the waves they create. Such a great catchy indie track, I am hooked…

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