Single: Ellen Froese – For Each Flower Growing

Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Ellen Froese has released “For Each Flower Growing,” the title track and lead single from her upcoming third album. There’s an obvious comparison that could be made between Froese and another Canadian songstress, from her warbling timbre to her delicate, wistful sense of melody: Joni Mitchell. For those who are both young and refuse to listen to anything released before they were born, Weyes Blood serves as another suitable point of reference. Not as quite as folksy as Mitchell nor as bombastic as Weyes Blood, Froese and “For Each Flower Growing” occupy the space in-between with a gently drifting alt-country tune complemented by soaring vocal harmonies, tasteful tambourine, and a twangy electric guitar solo. Lyrically, it’s a piece of naturalistic allegory that isn’t afraid to get cosmic: phrases such as “And every pulsar spins / When you look into my eyes” and “Every move you make / Is an earthquake splitting ground” implicate a love powerful enough to affect surrounding matter. A lovely track that should inspire anticipation for the full album’s eventual release, particularly for those who seek soothing pastoralism.

Ellen Froese’s “For Each Flower Growing” is available for purchase on Bandcamp. Purchases of the single count as a pre-order for the full album, For Each Flower Growing.

Written by Travis Shosa.