Video: Harper – Swanface

Recently I shared a Harper’s music video with lyrics for their latest single headlock and they are back with a new song with, once again, an awesome video. In the meantime, they announced that they will be releasing their new EP on my favorite label Devil Town Tapes. I am so excited about this news and even this new song and even this new band I have discovered. It is becoming my top discovery of 2022. I am even planning to do a video interview with them. The first attempt to bring some new content to our YT music channel. I have listened to this new song and even to headlock so many times, I stopped counting. So if you trust my taste and go fall in love with this band.

What a beautiful bedroom lo-fi pop.

“flash of light through the glass in the door,
takes me back to that time when i saw,
a body standing silent by the tree,
i am certain that thing followed me,
swanface, swanface, writhing in the hallway,
holding on to thoughts that never last,
seeing people hiding in the grass,
swanface, swanface, writhing in the hallway,
swanface, swanface, writhing in the hallway,”

You can find more music on Bandcamp.

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