Album: Hiram – Immersion

This time I am sharing something out of our usual “comfort” zone. An ambient experimental music.
Here is an intro to the album:

“Immersion” is a long form original sound work composed over the Summer of 2022, to be premiered as a live outdoor performance of new eco-music and environmental sound.

The work is the culmination of a collaboration through the Art for Water program, with the artist working towards certification as a MN Water Steward, to be an active voice in public conservation outreach. The focus behind the music is to help promote the development of personal connections to water and the natural environment by creating a shared public sound-art experience outdoors in a beautiful, natural space.

With this new site-specific piece, Hiram uses field recordings and underwater sounds collected from the Wood Lake Nature Center and the Minnehaha Watershed area to form the foundation of the work, using wooden flutes, brass bowls, and woodwind acoustic instruments in combination with analog synthesis, natural sound, magnetic tape, and electronic processing, telling the timeless story of waters’ path, from liquid to vapor and from the skies to our homes.

The music was performed on location in real-time, created to resonate in harmony with the spaces surrounding us. Portions of the work include field recordings made with submergible hydro-phone microphones, using the actual waters of Wood Lake itself to help create the music.

This is a live recording of the public “Art for Water” event that took place on the morning of Saturday, August 13th 2022, released in sync with the 2022 MN Confluence of Stewards event.

I have to admit I do not know if I have abilities to judge the quality of ambient or experimental music, but I have been enjoying this album. This live record creates just a beautiful atmosphere. I hope you will enjoy it.

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