Single: Zoya Zafar – Tunnel Vision

“Tunnel Vision, a shimmer of dream-pop buoyancy, is the first single of Zoya Zafar’s soon-to-be-released album “Some Songs”. The song was co-written and produced Max Helgemo.

Zoya Zafar, born in Lahore, Pakistan but raised in Orlando, Florida, is a self-taught musician and singer who has been writing songs and playing out locally and around Florida since her teens, earning her a diverse fanbase across underground subcultures in the Sunshine state.”

I have written about a previous single called Wordz and I enjoyed it, so I am happy to share another one. Dreamy, folky indie pop with beautiful melody and vocals. It is Friday evening, my work is done and I can just close my eyes, forget the outside world, and just enjoy this beauty. What a magical track this is. Highly recommended!

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