Single: Virens – From The Fire

“From The Fire” is Virens’ most ambitious and climactic song to date, taking us on a journey through a couples long and complicated history, the carefree nature of their inception, into the eventual pain and darkness that ensues. Sonically taking inspiration from the likes of Big Thief, Boy Genius and The Cranberries.”

Over the spring and summer of last year, I stumbled upon a talented British duo and was immediately drawn to their unique blend of voices. I was thrilled to discover that they have a new single and EP in the works, and couldn’t wait to give it a listen. The latest single showcases their dynamic energy and captivating vocals, leaving me excited for what’s to come. While I won’t be sharing the full press release, I can tell you that the story behind this duo is intriguing and adds an extra layer of depth to their music. Just read:

“In the height of the 2020 pandemic an actress from Birmingham swiped right on a song-writer from Hastings. They soon discovered lockdown dating was pretty limited, mainly long walks, lie-ins and scrabble, until one evening James heard Louisa singing around the house. Having exhausted all other government-approved activities, he convinced her they should have a go at writing a song together, James’s 1000th and Louisa’s first. They listened back the next day, thought it was pretty good, and thus Virens was born.”

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