EP: Virens – couples therapy

Virens debut EP “Couples Therapy” was born out of an unexpected lockdown love between an actress from Birmingham and a songwriter from Bexhill, discussing the trials & tribulations of being in a relationship. It’s an entirely self-funded project produced by Fyfe at Park Studios and mastered by Kevin Tuffy at Man Made Mastering.

I have written about Virens’ singles before and I really enjoyed them and I am glad I can write about this EP. The songs are a mixture of indie, folk, and dream pop supported by beautiful vocals. I am really loving their poppy songs and I am getting hooked by them so much. I wished this was played in radios instead of boring mainstream pop, the EP is a really strong start for this new band. I think this is the kinda EP you can show to any of your friends and most of them might like it and add it to their playlist. This is the kind of EP you will in the future remembering that you listened to it while it has just a couple thousand plays. Also, the fourth track (a cover) is really cool, I did not like the original song as much, but I loved this cover a lot. It made me revisit the original and even appreciate the cover even more. If we were doing an 80s covers compilation, I would want this cover there. Maybe I will do that, but copyrights are always tricky.

Either way, this EP is full of gems and it is a great way to make a statement. I am loving what Virens are making and I am excited for their future. I hope you will enjoy this EP as much as I do. I just wished it was released on cassettes, so I could grab a copy. 🙂

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