Single: Too Many Suns – Take Me Home (feat. Beatriz Nunes)

“In turbulent times, the security of getting back home is of as much importance as the possibility to explore new exciting pathways, with everything being richer when one is able to share this process with a loved one. ‘Take Me Home’ is a love song that dwells on what is our role and the other’s role in the reconstruction of the Self”.

Lately, I’ve been indulging in the melodious music of Too Many Suns, a band from the picturesque city of Lisbon, Portugal. Their dreamy indie rock tracks have been a constant source of pleasure for me, especially during these gloomy times. The band’s summer-themed tunes have an enchanting quality that can instantly lift your mood. What I love the most about their music is how effortlessly it can captivate you. It’s truly a delight to know that Europe has such a talented dream indie pop/rock band to offer.

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