Single: Wyldest – Office Christmas Party

‘Do you remember me? We met by the coffee machine’

Wyldest is a London-based artist that makes addictive bedroom pop that typically leans towards the melancholy. Vocal lines saunter above atmospheric and jangly guitars and a smooth rhythm section. The track is packed with tasteful little hooks that will bury themselves in your head – at least until New Year. Musically, Wyldest clearly takes influence from favourites such as Men I Trust and Warpaint, although these influences are audible, she manages to repackage them and ends up with something with an undeniably original sheen.

From the artist – ‘I wanted to have fun with this Christmas song, so I wrote a story about something I’ve witnessed – office Christmas parties. The phenomenon where a group of people who work together gather in a dark room, casting off the shackles of their professional personas, replacing it with a version of themselves that’s more honest and present.’

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