Album: Rolling Boxcar International – Adeste

“RBI proudly hails from Youngstown, Ohio, a place known for its grittiness. We aim to make honest music worthy of multiple listens. Each band member is a multi-instrumentalist with a wide variety of influences, from heavy metal to austere singer-songwriters, and these influences come through in the songs.”

If you’re a fan of Christmas music, you might be interested in checking out some captivating renditions of classic Christmas songs that have a unique alt-country/folk vibe. These versions are quite different from the traditional renditions and are sure to add a touch of originality to your holiday playlist. The mellow, slightly jazzy arrangement of the songs is truly remarkable and adds a whole new dimension to the music, making it sound even more beautiful and enchanting. I recently stumbled upon this album and couldn’t help but share it with you so you too can enjoy its irresistible charm and add it to your holiday collection.

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