Single: Luma Fade – Spring Sobriety & Nova Sunshine

“Dream Pop for the Apocalypse. Emerging from the shadows of a future yet to be, Luma Fade is an artistic odyssey into the world of post-apocalyptic dreampop. Blending ethereal electronic soundscapes with the haunting allure of a dystopian tomorrow, Luma Fade’s music paints vivid pictures of a world reshaped by unknown cataclysms. Each track is a journey through hauntingly beautiful melodies, echoing the resilience and melancholy of a distant, altered reality. Luma Fade’s sound is not just an auditory experience but a gateway to a dreamlike vision of what might be, marrying the surreal tranquility of dreampop with the stark, poignant imagery of a post-apocalyptic narrative. In this unique musical landscape, Luma Fade invites listeners to explore the depths of imagination and the echoes of a possible future. “

“This song is the single for a concept album (being released on Dec. 22nd) with themes of a post-apocalyptic narratives. Despite the rock-driven, guitar-based sound, the song was produced 100% electronically with midi and virtual (sampled) instruments.”

A short apocalyptic story with a poem accompanies each song from this album. What an interesting concept and I love this idea very much. You can listen to the other song as well:

The songs are apocalyptic dream pop with such great atmosphere that will pull you in so much that you will forget the outside world for a while and you will imagine yourself standing between ruins of your city that you used to love but is gone. You and your friend are alone and just this song playing in your headphones—the last reminder of the past life that is gone.

I love this other dimension of the song that adding story and poem can bring and I am looking forward to hearing more from this album because even sonically the songs are quite interesting and are adding nicely to the whole atmosphere the album should bring. Be sure to check the stories for Spring Sobriety & Nova Sunshine and pre-order the album if you want on vinyl with a special booklet.

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