Single: Maria Rabbit – Springtime In Kyoto

‘Cherry blossoms stain the spring / temple bells they wait to ring’

Maria Rabbit is a Japanese bedroom pop artist able to craft instantly addictive melodies out of charming simplicity. Her new single ‘Springtime in Kyoto’ is saccharine-sweet, from the well-placed autotune effect on her voice to the minimal acoustic guitar chord pattern to the tasteful little flurries of synth that fill out the sound. 

From the artist – ‘Springtime in Kyoto’ is a melodic tribute to the beauty of Japan’s sakura season. Crafted in the intimate ambiance of a dimly-lit sunroom during the holidays. This song was inspired by my cousin Maria’s deep affection for the ephemeral cherry blossoms. Words contributed by my uncle. The song invites listeners to immerse themselves in the serene allure of Kyoto’s springtime magic.’