Album: Rolling Boxcar International – Shadowlands

I recently stumbled upon an exceptional Christmas album from an indie band based in Youngstown, Ohio. My wife and I have been listening to it on repeat, and it’s become a part of our daily Christmas playlist and even part of our label’s compilation. Interestingly enough, while revisiting their previous music, we received a submission from the band for their latest album, which was a pleasant surprise.

The album is a delightful blend of mellow folky indie rock songs with a touch of other genres like jazz and country. The seamless flow of the album is captivating, and it has a calming effect on my ever-anxious mind. It’s a beautiful masterpiece that showcases the band members’ exceptional craftsmanship and musical talent.

With this discovery, I now have a go-to band whose music I can rely on when the outside world becomes too much, and I need to escape to somewhere else. It’s an album that I would highly recommend to anyone who appreciates great music with a soul.

Be sure to grab this on vinyl as well.

You can follow the band on: