Single: SWiiMS – All I Die For

“Drawing influence from a diverse spectrum of artists, the Toronto trio, SWiiMS, blends elements of 80’s New Wave, 90’s Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Brit Pop and Dream Pop together to arrive at a sound that is all their own.

SWiiMS is set to release their first full length LP, Into The Blue Night, on November 10, 2023.

“All I Die For” is an intense new track that sounds like a unique combination of uplifting music and moody, languid vocal melodies. It’s about the beginning stages of a relationship, and how you try to make yourself more intriguing or impressive than you are in order to keep that person interested. It also describes the feeling of hopefulness, bliss and loss of control that the start of any new relationship brings. Ultimately, the music progresses to match the intensity of the vocal.”

A while ago I wrote that a song I shared could be in Sofia Coppola’s movie and I have the same feeling with this one. It totally feels like a vibe that Sofia’s movies would have. I am so happy that I sharing so many different vibes of shoegaze too. From dreamier to heavier, from raw to more melodic. This new one from Toronto-based band SWiiMS is quite nice and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the song. I would not be surprised if this one was picked up by some movie or series crew for their soundtrack selection. A really nice track.

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