Single: Buff Ginger – All The Little Birds

“At the dead center of Buff Ginger’s “New Jokes”, “All The Little Birds” strikes as one of the heavier moments on the upcoming EP. “All The Little Birds” was written and performed by Ry Minter in their apartment, as well as a friend’s basement “studio”.”

I am thinking that I should write in the bio that we write a lot about shoegaze and I can also start telling people that I have a shoegaze music blog, haha. I have been sharing so much great shoegaze music and I will continue to do so. Somehow this genre together with dream pop became something that started to characterize me.

I have written about Buff Ginger’s single before and I enjoyed it. This new one is also well very enjoyable shoegaze. I love the flow of the melody and the change from slower, quiet parts to more energetic louder parts. Together they are creating an amazing song with a nice drive and amazing guitars and vocals.

Highly recommended! I am looking forward to the new EP.

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