Single: Lunar Isles – Arrival

“Lunar Isles is the moniker of David Skimming, a Scottish multi-instrumentalist who produces surf-tinged bedroom pop with a DIY approach from his newfound home of South Korea.”

“‘Arrival’ is a new single marking a step-away from the laidback feel of third album ‘Right Way Round’ released earlier this year. With Surfer Blood inspired guitar riffs blended with Simon & Garfunkel style harmonies, the track hits a little heavier than previous efforts while still leaning on the pop sensibilities and lofi-rock sound that have attracted listeners so far.

I shared Lunar Isles music before and even asked our 3 Q, so when this landed in my inbox, I was excited to listen to it. I have shared already one Scottish band, so I am glad I can bring you more and more music from this little country I am somehow feeling connected to. I spent there 3 months of my life and I cannot wait to visit it once again. If you are a fan of dream pop (I bet you are), you will enjoy this amazing song. I love how nicely it follows and I am fully immersed in it and just enjoying it. Lunar Isles is making great music and I am so happy I can share it with you.

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