Single: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Cherry Splits

“Cherry Splits” was first conceived during the ‘IV’ sessions, then re-written while working on the next album, right after the Japan tour in ’23. It didn’t feel right to put on either release, but we didn’t want it to slip away either. Still, we hope some of you enjoy it. Recorded in the debilitatingly hot Texas summer of ’23.

I have written this week that this song could be in Sofia Coppola’s movie and here we have another dreamy shoegaze track that could be part of the soundtrack. It has Radio Dept. vibes (at least for me) and I love its dreamy atmosphere. LUDGF’s are making great shoegaze and I have been really enjoying their recent work. I can totally feel the hot summer coming from the song. It is Fall here already, but as I always say, there is never enough of summer radiating music. This one could be one of my favorite singles I discovered recently. I am looking forward to the next album!

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