Single: porch kiss – ah hahaha

“While recording our full-band, frontman/songwriter Erik Nordin (rosetan, no kids pets ok) found himself sitting at home with little to no gear. One mic, one cable, one guitar, one bass, one synthesizer. The drum and synth tones were played through a 1980’s Yamaha PSR-21 that his adoptive mother owned. When ha was young my mother would play movie themes on her flute while a plunked away on the keyboard, they would laugh and celebrate whenever they would land something that sounded “right.”

Erik’s childlike laughter isn’t in his day to day life, but his mothers warmth and love of music remains in my heart.

‘ah hahaha’ is a sleepy lofi single shared ahead of our album/cassette ‘hindsight’ to be released through Start Track October 21. Every song was recorded in the same bedroom, on the same evening. Dreaming of sleep, a feeling of belonging, getting high alone in the moonlight.”

So happy to announce our next release S-T010 with amazing music from porch kiss, which I have discovered thanks to this blog. I have been loving Erik’s music and when I discovered it I was already progressing with plans for my new label under this blog name. Time passed and Erik sent me during summer an album he was working on and I really loved it. We have discussed the potential plans for releasing it and here we are a few months later. This new song is just a sneak peek from the album, but you will definitely love it. If you have been a fan of orchid mantis music, this is exactly the kind of music that you will love.

I will bring you an interview with Erik later on and I am so excited to have this amazing release on our new cassette label. Do not forget to pre-order this beauty and stay tuned for the release day.

In the meantime, I will stream this beauty for eternity.

You can follow the band/artist on: