Single: ghost orange – Hurting Myself

“The lead single for my upcoming, self-titled ep. It was written by myself and produced by Joss Mogli. It is the first song that has included a collaboration on production. It is also the first song of mine that has a fuller band sound. It marks a change in sound for ghost orange.:

I have been sharing ghost orange’s music for a while not only on this blog, but also on our compilation.

I am really enjoying this new sound and the track is really lovely lo-fi atmospheric dreamy slowcore. I really enjoyed how the song nicely flows and it feels like the morning sunlight that is slowly appearing and making your day brighter. I am excited about this new change for the artist and I am looking forward to the EP. I bet it will be as amazing as all the music that ghost orange makes. You can find the discography on Bandcamp.

Do not forget to check also this single released in August:

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