EP: ghost orange – ghost orange

“it is raining outside my window. autumn has begun with a three day storm. we ran to the bakery and water filled my shoes. they said I would understand once I got older. I think we all pretend to but mostly get by. putting our shoes out to dry in the cold.”

I have shared ghost orange a couple of times on our blog and I have been really enjoying it.

The submission for this EP came with this track:

I have shared Hurting Myself from this EP and I loved that one as well.

The EP is a beautiful atmospheric lo-fi bedroom pop with magical melodies and hazy vocals which give it a special vibe that is so hard to find elsewhere. I wished I could release this on tape, but this year has been full as well as early next year, so I have to hold on, if any label is reading this, releasing this on tape, because it deserves to be shared in physical format.

I am so happy that ghost orange is still making music and sharing it with us, I am enjoying their music a lot and cannot wait to listen to this EP once again. Magical moments will come once again.

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