Single: RoyBox – Bell

“It’s a song that starts with light and refreshing synthesizer phrases. It’s a song that expresses the feelings leading up to telling someone you love them. Sometimes those feelings come true, and sometimes they don’t, but the emotions right before that moment are pure and beautiful, untouchable by anyone. You can watch the English translation in the lyric video on YouTube, so please listen until the end.”

Recently, I stumbled upon a Japanese band and their music has been a delightful surprise. What I found particularly fascinating about this one was the lyric video that had an English translation. This made the song more accessible and allowed me to appreciate the beautiful lyrics even more. The song itself is a masterpiece with a captivating bass guitar that adds an incredible vibe to the entire composition. The lo-fi guitars create an electrifying energy and the various instruments that have been added to the mix create an exceptional and unique atmosphere that is difficult to find elsewhere. All in all, listening to this song was an excellent experience, and I am eagerly looking forward to exploring more music from this talented Japanese band.