Single: Elizabeth Hume – fact or fiction

“Fact or fiction is the first single of Elizabeths EP following her first, ‘Wake Me Up When I’m Older.’ Recorded at a summer beach house in late summer of 2023, Elizabeth collaborated with producer Nolan Garrett to bring the fact or fiction EP to life.

This multi-interpertable song if visualized is kind of like a dried bouquet of flowers from an old date hanging in a bedroom, too fragile to touch, too pretty to throw away, and if you look closely your mind begins to spiral. It’s poetic nature beckons listeners to visualize its nuances. This piece is a reflection of shedding aspects of self that seem to be holding everything together.”

Elizabeth has recently released a captivating new indie pop song that features her enchanting vocals. As someone who has previously written about her EP and enjoyed it thoroughly, I can say that her latest single continues to deliver a melancholic and dreamy atmosphere that is reminiscent of folky sounds. The song evokes imagery of summer sunlight and gentle ocean breezes, which is further enhanced by the soothing quality of Elizabeth’s voice. Overall, it is a beautiful piece of music that is sure to captivate anyone who appreciates atmospheric indie pop.