EP: Elizabeth Hume – Wake Me Up When I’m Older

I have shared music from Elizabeth before on my blog and you can find it here. Here is a little info about the whole EP:

“Produced by Nolan Garrett and Elizabeth herself, this EP took shape in the recording process in her gap year after high school. The content of the EP as a whole, centers around inspecting and reflecting on aspects of mental health, and relationships, and figuring out where personal identity fits into it all.

I have enjoyed the single from this EP and was looking forward to hearing the full release when it will be out. I was not disappointed and the songs are creating nice dreamy atmospheres. They are creating a nice transition for my moods as spring is ending and summer is starting. I have been enjoying dreamy indie pop songs recently I am happy to have another artist on my “hearlist” so I can check how artists are progressing with music in the future. Every single track on the EP is great and I am getting lost in these indie-dreaming vibes. It would be amazing to release this EP on cassettes and give it also a physical touch in this digital era.

You can find more music on Spotify.

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