Single: rosetan – hold me down

Rosetan recently came out with a single called “hold me down” and it was truly a blessing to listen to – vocals that are soft in just the right way work together with gorgeous synth melodies and beats to create a soundscape that reminds one of when it begins to get warm again after a winter. And, as winter leaves my area, I find myself searching for songs like this – “hold me down” is a perfect backing track to a springtime walk or visit to the farmer’s market. 

In “hold me down”, the bounciness of the different instrumental parts made me want to dance around in my socks in my kitchen – the beat is almost addictive and electric and really gets into your head in the best way. Rosetan’s new single is an upbeat track with a lot of heart and when I first heard it, I latched onto it quickly, “hold me down” easily becoming one of my favorite tracks of all time.  With the captivating and varied melodies, it’s not hard to fall in love with the new Rosetan single.

Written by Valor

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