Single: Redbud – Kin

“Redbud is a band planting itself in the heart of the Austin music fan with whimsical, psychedelic tones and meditative, soul-exposing lyrics. Fronted by Katie, her songs, sound, and eye for visuals is brought to shape by interweaving the talents of Sam, Ryan, and Stacie thanks to the deft ears and minds of mixer Dan Duszynski and master guy Carl Saff with video content coming soon.”

I have seen this song labeled as neo-soul, but to be honest, I am not sure how that exactly sounds. I am really terrible at genres, I have to admit, but either way, this song is a beautiful track. A little bit of laid back melody, but still groovy. I love the atmosphere it creates. I am sitting on the beach, enjoying time with friends and the gentle sounds in the background. I am looking forward to what next will come out of this Austin-based band.

In the meantime, you can find more music on Bandcamp.