Single: Prom Night Massacre – Forever song

The Toronto based artist, Prom Night Massacre, continues their prolific output with ‘Forever song’. It is a simple, yet gorgeous track; the melodious guitar line ebbs and flows between waves of warm vocals, alongside soundscapes that glimmer – the sound sunlight dappled on the water would make. 

Prom Night Massacre is the new project by the same artist behind emo-hyper-trap name, Emochanel. Where the latter threw absolutely everything at a song, creating saturated renditions of pop tropes inside tracks that sounded somewhere between Lil Peep and 100 gecs, the former lets itself breathe with minimal production, instrumentation and vocal styling. ‘Forever song’ is the strongest work, Prom Night Massacre has released, sitting in a space occupied by similar artists such as Duster, DIIV, and Codeine. I highly recommend this artist if you enjoy the slower and melancholic side of guitar music. If ‘Forever song’ is anything to go off of, the rest of 2024 promises to be a great year for Prom Night Massacre.

Written by Callum Folds