Single: Bleary Eyed – Shimmer Away

Bleary Eyed return this summer with a track that perfectly evokes the haze of the season. ‘Shimmer Away’, the band’s second single of the year, is a mind bending feast for the ears. Its layers upon layers upon even more layers, manages to produce a somewhat ethereal affair; the marriage of twinkling synths and fuzzy guitars is always a winning coming together. In order to write this piece I listened to ‘Shimmer Away’ many times, each time coming out the other side with a new sonic discovery. It is yummy for the ears, not a beat going by without sounding like you are inside a dusty desktop computer. 

The track calls to mind the auditory crushing of, SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE, with the monotonous whimsy of Bristol band, Pet Shimmers. It is a fabulous listen, and I am looking forward to hearing what the Philadelphia band next unleashes upon the world!

Written by Callum Folds