Single: phoneswithchords – somebody get me to dance

“Somebody give me a chance
Somebody get me to dance”

I have discovered phoneswithchords thanks to Angie, who worked with him under Z Tapes, when I was no longer running operations. I have to admit I was very pleased because cut the kid was a great album. When I learned pwc is working on a new album, I was really looking forward, but I was not expecting one of the best albums of 2023. I have heard it already and I can honestly say I was blown away. This single is a really great sneak peek of what you can expect. It is definitely the catchiest song from the album, but I will struggle to pick one song that I would like the most. You can read more about the album or pre-order cassettes on Bandcamp. I am so happy this album will be co-released by Totally Real Records and Z Tapes. Both labels are worth following and supporting.

In the meantime, until the album will be out I will be listening to this song on repeat and enjoying one of the greatest songs of this year.

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