Single: oddnesse – The Chills

Two quotes, one about the artist and one about the song:

“Oddnesse is the guitar-pop project of songwriter and producer Rebeca Arango. Arango is a guitarist who loves writing baselines. She is working towards a debut album.

“The Chills” languishes in anticipation of an ending. A break-up. With a partner. With a city. That agonizing stretch when you’re staring down the mystery of what comes next. Wondering if you’re cut out for anything different than what you’ve always known.”

I have been really enjoying female-fronted indie pop the past few months and I am happy to share a great song from a newly discovered artist. Laid back, the dreamy melody is pretty enjoyable and I can easily get connected to it. I am really liking the melody and the various little sounds that add up to the feel of the song. I can imagine having a nice peaceful, restful (Sunday) evening and having this song in the background.

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